The Arts


Dance is offered at all levels and students have the opportunity to develop their performance skills across a range of styles and genres. They will also learn to choreograph and perform their own work, and will be trained in elements of physical and spatial awareness and control.


Drama is offered at all levels and provides students with a chance to develop their skills in both devising and performing theatrical works. There is a strong emphasis on public performance and from Years 10 to 13 all students take part in a major class production.

Music - click here for the Music Department Facebook page

Music is offered at all levels and is a broad course covering all elements and standards, with a focus on musical literacy.  Music Performance is offered in the senior school and has fewer assessment options and focuses on group work and creative thinking skills.

Art, Design and Visual Communications - click here for the Visual Arts and Design website

Art,  Design and Visual Communication are offered at all levels and students learn how to participate in, and celebrate their own and others’ visual worlds.

-  Junior Art
-  Junior Design and Visual Communication
-  Art Design
-  Art History
-  Design and Visual Communication
-  Painting
-  Photography

For more information contact Adrian Cartwright or Anna Flaherty

Design and Visual Communication students
Year 9 Art