Taumata - School Houses

The Taumata or Houses of HVHS are named after local hills and rivers that surround Awakairangi and HVHS.

Tararua, Orongorongo, Pukeatua, Pukeariki, Remutaka, Matairangi

Winning Houses/Taumata


Taumata - House Leaders 2020


Meeting venue - Upper Gym

Gabrielle Claridge
 Caleb Robinson


Meeting venue - Shade sails beside the canteen

Juliette Langley
Charlie Williams


Meeting venue - Blue Seats beside pavilion

Rose Tanuvasa V Tutogi
Pierce Collins


Meeting venue - Main Gym

Ella McNeillage
Saxon Tidmarsh


Meeting venue - Hall

Sophie Chamberlain
Steven Leishman


Meeting venue - Lower Gym

 Jett Rangitaawa
Ruben Brinck



Sports/Athletics Day, Attitude to Learning Points, Sports week , THE HUTT BUSTER (new event), Relay for Life,


Attitude to Learning Points, Cultural Week , Interform/House competition, World Vision


Attitude to Learning Points, Service Week


Junior school competition, Attitude to Learning Points, Speech competition, Debating competition

The story of each Taumata


"It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves" Sir Edmund Hillary. Everyone has their own mountain to climb and as a collective group we can encourage and support everyone to reach their potential. We may all be climbing the same mountain on different paths, however, we can all still be unified and uplifting.

Core message - Strength & Unity.


Our taumata colour is purple with the emblem of a nikau palm . Pukeariki are the mountains on the West side of the Hutt Valley. The nikau palm starts as a small flax like palm and grows to a massive tree that does not resemble its original shape. Students at HVHS grow and overcome challenges as they learn. The soil that keep you standing is a representation of your family as they are the ones who keep you grounded, the sun that keeps you warm are your friends because they make you happy and keep you shining, the rain that keeps you hydrated and growing are your teachers watering you with knowledge and finally the emblem itself, represents you. You need all of these aspects to help you in life, your family friends teachers and even yourself, with these you will succeed in life and in school. You don’t stop growing until you get to your peak, looking over those small things in life that you may have thought are difficult, but then soon realised you overcame it all.

Core message - Growth through challenge.


Welcome to Remutaka Taumata. Our house colour is green symbolising the lush greenery and life in the Remutaka Ranges with an emblem of a chief’s feathers. Haunuiananaia is an ancestor of the Te Ati Hau a Paparangi people of the Whanganui region. He left his home in southern Taranaki to explore and during his journey he sat down to rest on a mountain and to think about his quest. He named the mountain Remutaka – which means to sit down and rest. Hanuiananaia’s actions teach us the importance of taking risks and not being afraid to do so. Whether it be trying a new sport or club at school, we understand that both good and bad experiences bring wisdom and help us grow into better people.

Core message - Take a risk, reach for your goals.


The house colour is orange with a symbol of a signal fire. Pukeatua means Hills of the Gods and a symbol of hope. The maunga range lies between Waiwhetu and Wainui-o-mata. Groups on maunga around Wellington signalled and warned each other of approaching challenges. Together they kept each other safe.

Core message - Hope and togetherness


Associated with the taniwhas Ngaki and Whataitai who once resided in Whanganui-a-tara. Our school marae is named after Hotuwaipara - the mother of Tara. When Whataitai died ts spirit took the form of a bird (keo), that flew to the top of the mountain - now known as Mt Victoria or Matairangi. This maunga stands tall and proud and looks out over Te Awakairangi and HVHS.

Core message - Protect and serve


The Orongorongo house emblem is a pohutukawa flower. The Orongorongo river that runs through the Remutaka ranges and is lined with pohutukawa trees,  The river is known to respond quickly to the forces of nature as it can grow from a trickle to a powerful torrent in mere minutes; this gives our house its core value which is power. Our goal for the Orongorongo house is to get everyone working together and acknowledging that although we all have our separate and diverse paths we must aim to work in the same direction and if we are able to come together like the rivers many tributaries we can, together have the power of the mighty orongorongo!!!

Core message - Strength in diversity