Student Support

The following key people and teams support classroom teachers to help our students floursih.

11 Deans, a guidance team of 4 counsellors and 4 youth workers, a Puwaha team who oversee Māori achievement, a Learning Pathways Team who are responsible for learning support and careers, a Restorative Practices Team who guide staff and students to develop positive relationships, and a Priority Learner Team who develop specific and individual learning support for students.

The Restorative Approach to School Discipline

HVHS uses restorative processes to build, maintain and repair positive, respectful relationships between students, staff, family and the community. We believe that good relationships are paramount for fulfilling the goals that we have for our students.

In this approach to dealing with wrongdoing, the focus is on the harm that has been done and the need on the part of those responsible to ‘right the wrong’ as much as possible. It’s an approach that seeks to develop in the wrongdoer an understanding of the harm their behaviour has caused to others so that they can best try to make amends to those most affected. This seeks to help the wrongdoer learn from the situation.It also ensures that those who have been most affected by the wrongdoing have the opportunity to be involved in working out what has to happen in order to move forward.

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Behaviour Management Plan