Learning at HVHS

The HVHS Learning Environment

Three key strategic statements guide practice and underpin our teaching and learning philosophy:
  1. We know our students as individuals, build strong relationships through coaching and mentoring.
  2. We work to meet individual student needs, remove barriers and ensure equitable outcomes.
  3. We explicitly weave mātauranga Māori, key competencies, literacy and numeracy throughout our teaching and learning.

As a result, our students will:

  • Feel included and have a strong sense of belonging to their community and culture.
  • Have confidence in their individuality and identity.
  • Have confidence in their individuality and identity.
  • Experience positive, high trust relationships with all members of the HVHS community.
  • Be fully engaged in school life with authentic, challenging and relevant learning experiences.
  • Be challenged to meet their personal goals and be acknowledged for their success.

The New Zealand Curriculum is divided into eight essential learning areas, that is, areas of knowledge and understanding which all students are expected to acquire. We value learning through the lens of each of the eight learning areas and give equitable time to them in junior school.We know that quality of teaching is a major determinant of outcomes for diverse students,therefore, the school prioritises the development of its teachers through a robust professional learning programme.The school’s annual goals guide the work of teachers. Staff are encouraged to contribute to these shared goals, and analysis of data helps to identify our focus.

The ‘HVHS Connected Curriculum’ is used by all staff as a guide to ensure a consistent pedagogical approach throughout the school.

Our Connected Curriculum

Additional support documents:

Link to Student Behaviour Management Plan

Link to Parents', Caregivers and Whānau A-Z


Our timetable provides equity across all 8 Learning Areas. Year 9 and 10 students will have three spells per week from each of the eight Essential Learning Areas. Students can begin to specialise more from Year 11. Students take 5-6 subjects in their senior years.

English, Maths, Physical Education, Science, and Social Sciences will be taught in form class groups. The Arts, Learning Languages (including Tikanga Māori) and Technology will be taught in elective groups.  This allows for subject choices within these Learning Areas.

Literacy and Numeracy programmes are available to support all students to become critically literate and numerate and to be able to realise their full learning potential.

Our timetable provides dedicated time for explicit work on the key competencies of the New Zealand Curriculum, further than what is embedded within Learning Area work. All students will have one spell of mentor time per week.

Our timetable provides regular and consistent start and finishing times for families. All students will start school at 9:00am and finish at 3.15pm except for Wednesday when all students will start at 9.30am after staff professional learning. There will be one hour spells on all days except Wednesday morning.

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