Year Level Deans

Our Deans

Two deans are assigned to a year level. Wherever possible, both Deans will lead their Year 9 cohort for five years into Year 13. Deans are responsible for the academic and pastoral care of all students at their year level. They work very closely with Mentor teachers, the Guidance Team and the Head of each Learning Area.

Nicole Arnell (AR) Year 10 Dean
Jeremy Keane (KE) Year 10 Dean
Sara Pollard (PO) Year 11 Dean
Stephen Gibson (GI) Year 11 Dean
Kirsten Taylor (TA) Year 12 Dean

Richard Edwards (ED) Year 12 Dean
Teri McMullan (MM) Year 13 Dean
Angus Devine (DV) Year 13 Dean

Frank Versteegan (VE) Year 9 Dean
Sarah Langley (LA) Year 9 Dean