G&T The Arts


Visual Art making is characterised by the use of common assessment tasks: Students with particularly high skills can attempt the same task as the rest of the class. Usually, differentiation occurs by outcome, rather than a unique extension task. However, having identified the student, teachers will often enrich the question set, providing the student with more options for demonstration of technical, and/or conceptual understanding, greater independence, and opportunities to show a higher level of ability through more complex decision-making.


Students who show interest as well as aptitude are encouraged to seek opportunities to contextualise their work, in competitions and/ or publications.  Students are also encouraged to pursue their interests and productivity in their own time.


Scholarship at NCEA Level 3

Visual Art Scholarship is based on enriching the context and content of the individual student's Level 3 project. Students whose Level 3 project shows promise and they have shown a good work ethic and a sense of inquiry, are encouraged to sign up for Scholarship.


Differentiated programmes at NCEA Level - may include research standard, additional standard (2.5, 3.5)