G&T Technology

Digital Technology - DTEC

The idea behind the Technology website was to allow students to learn at their own pace.

To that end each topic was to have a set of mini skills which contain learning materials and tasks for the student to complete.

In addition there was to be extension tasks for gifted students who need challenging tasks.

Good examples are:

10DTEC Lego Robots - but GameLab, Photoshop/Illustrator also have extension tasks

11DTEC Programming

12COMP Programming

13COMP Programming


Programming is a creative skill and we always encourage students to stretch themselves. For example, 

Introducing JavaScript (level 1 NCEA) to my 10DTEC students.

Gifted NCEA students often produce work of a complexity one or two levels above their year level


Product Design Technology - PTEC

Students who show a high ability in the subject are given the option of attempting additional Standards.

The resources that are provided to the students to help guide their learning provides the opportunity for them to extend themselves. Each of the thresholds for the Merit and Excellence step ups are explained in a 'student' format and examples provided supporting the teaching to enable them to work at a higher level independently.

Scholarship classes have been offered in previous years and we have been successful on a number of occasions.

Design and Visual Communication - DVCO

Year 12 students demonstrating a high ability level are given the opportunity of completing the Scholarship Standard early and if they are unsuccessful can then attempt it again in Year 13.

Mechanical Engineering/Furniture ITO - MTEC/FTEC

Being a trade related subject the students are provided with a set of drawings and very specific instructions to produce an outcome. However, many of the students are very capable in a practical environment so we allow them to develop the designs to make them more relevant for them. Year 11 students build a rocket stove for one of their projects, which they have to develop from a basic design. The more able students will add much more detail and technical complexity to their projects. Similarly this also applies to all of the FTEC classes. The Year 12 Engineering class is given a much broader scope and can choose from a range of designs from chairs, tables, stools etc. They are just provided with design ideas, which they then need to develop and create dimensioned designs. Again they extend themselves to suit their own ability levels, but in every case we will try and extend them and stretch their abilities.

All Technology projects work on an enquiry basis and students work from a 'Context' to promote creativity. For example, Year 9 students are asked to build a product that will solve a storage issue. Year 10 does several projects, these contexts are:- Light, Child Development Toy and another called Sound. These context based projects run through to the senior level where at Year 13 they have to identify their own context and then develop an outcome based on the contextual considerations.

Also in previous years students have been given the opportunity of taking part in Evolocity and we have also worked with the Rotary Hutt Valley to promote more female participation in Technology through Innovative Young Minds.