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Sporting Excellence Programme

The expression of interest form for athletes wishing to be considered for our Sporting Excellence Programme should be directed to Rob Everett.

This programme is intended for elite athletes who are participating in a recognised sporting code . Participants will be offered a specialised programme of development and support to supplement their existing training programmes. 

The programme’s aim is to enable students to be elite athletes without compromising their academic performance or career pathways; to assist them to lead balanced lives by helping them to juggle their at times conflicting responsibilities; to provide one-to-one mentoring and an in-school advocate; to equip them with specialised knowledge about a wide range of sporting topics and share wisdom from a range of sporting professionals. 

The year long programme will be delivered in 6 full-day sessions, and may include;

- One-to-one mentoring - assistance with goal setting, monitoring hauora and general wellbeing. Setting up school timetables that supports sporting aspirations.

- Early performance planning and academic pathways planning

- Wellbeing and mental fitness support and workshops’ Looking at how to maintain a work, sport, life balance throughout the year

- Physical preparation - physical fitness and conditioning and training programme support. Understanding the phases of training and what their coaches are asking of them.

- Nutrition guidance 

- Subject specific mentoring, subject tutorials and catch ups 

- Advanced training programmes as requested to support competitive sports preparation and to align with the sporting code and national programme.

- Leadership development

- Coaching development

The Sporting Excellence Programme will be limited to a maximum of 30 places and will be chosen in conjunction with the Sports Director, and the high performance steering group. 

Criteria for selection is as follows: Level of representative sport played and potential gain from participating in this programme; year level at the school - seniors will be given priority; sporting codes - programme participants will be spread across all sporting codes; participants level of mentoring or coaching.

If you have any questions, please email Jacinta Keenan (jacinta.keenan@hvhs.school.nz) the Sports Director or Mark Oates the Head of Physical Education (mark.oates@hvhs.school.nz) who together oversee the programme.


This class offers students a platform to help prepare them for NCEA Physical Education. It introduces students to Leadership, Biophysical Principles, Fitness management and Event Management

Leadership and Coaching

There are many opportunities within class to lead. Our senior students go into junior classes or into primary or intermediate schools to lead or coach their specialist activity.

Opportunities through sporting organisations and Institutions i.e. NZIS