Wednesday 14 April - Learning from Home Day

Wednesday Learning from Home Day

Monday 12 April

To Parents, Caregivers and Whānau

As you know, we have shut and sealed a number of classrooms. This was in response to the mould found, initially in C Block and now in other areas of the school. We are working closely with the Ministry of Education and Board of Trustees. Currently there is further testing happening throughout the school and we are discussing both short and long term options. The immediate issue is that we can not fit classes into the reduced number of rooms we currently have, therefore, we are moving to remote learning for Y12 and Y13 students. This will commence from the first day of Term Two. 

There will be an unscheduled Learning from Home Day on Wednesday 14/4 to allow staff time to prepare and plan for a restructured Term Two -  Y12 and Y13 teaching and learning programme. 

On Wednesday the Library will be available for junior students that are unable to be at home. Guidance will be available for students. SLC (Tautoko) will run as usual. The Resource Centre will run as usual. Some seniors students will be invited in to complete essential assessment work. They will be advised by their teacher tomorrow.

A quick outline of what learning will look like in Term Two for Y12 & Y13. (More details to follow)

  • Y13s will be in school Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday mornings until spell 3. For the remainder of the week they will learn remotely from home. 

  • Y12s will be in school Wednesday afternoons from spell 3, Thursdays and Fridays. For the remainder of the week they will learn remotely from home.  

  • Y9, Y10, Y11 will be at school operating on their full timetable as per usual.

  • Students will have classes twice in person and twice remotely each week.
  • In school lessons will be used for active teaching - discussion, debate, setting up the week’s work, anything with a visual or practical component, full class teaching from the front etc. 
  • Remote lessons will be used for individual work, research, inquiry, finishing activities, writing, reading, ongoing assessments etc. They will be led by the class teacher albeit remotely via Google Classroom and Google Meet.
  • Some practical subjects may happen in school three times a week.

It is vital that all senior students read their school emails as more information will be communicated about the start of Term Two in the holiday break.

We will endeavour to keep you updated on any developments as they come to hand. Please forward any questions you have to


Denise Johnson
Acting Principal