Strike Day Information

The Strike Day scheduled for Wednesday 29 May (next week) affects primary school teachers, primary school principals and secondary school teachers.

On the day 112 of our teaching staff will be taking industrial action, and so regular programmes are unable to run. The school will be closed for instruction, with supervision provided by non-union staff for any students who wish to attend. Parents/caregivers who wish their child to attend should advise the student’s mentor teacher of that fact prior to Wednesday 29th, so the school can know who is expected.

Any such students will be supervised by non-union staff in the school library.

Staff are aware that parents and caregivers of students based in Tautoko, the Supported Learning Centre, have particular challenges around supervision and the broad needs their children have to maintain routines as much as is possible. Those parents will already have challenges with supervision for the teacher-only day on Friday 31st May and with the approval of the PPTA Branch Tautoko students will have available a full programme as usual on strike day. Parents/caregivers of Tautoko students may opt to keep their children at home or send them to school, and we ask that parents/caregivers let Heather Lear know which choice they want before the strike day.

The school looks forward to a resolution of the industrial conflict that has led to this action.

Following the National one day strike, we have been advised that there will be a series of rostering home which is outlined below. This means that on Tuesday 4 June, there will be no classes for Year 9, Tuesday 11 June for Year 10 etc.

Rostering home

Week 6 - Year 9 - Tuesday 4 June

Week 7 - Year 10 - Tuesday 11 June

Week 9 - Year 11 - Tuesday 25 June

Week 10 - Year 12 - Tuesday 2 July

Ross Sinclair