Principal's Comment 14 June


Thank you to all those who voted for the Board of Trustee elections and congratulations to the successful candidates who are named in the newsletter.  I also want to thank the other candidates who put their names forward.  We had an incredibly able and committed group of contenders and it is not an easy thing to subject yourself to an election process in the hope of being able to offer many hours of voluntary labour.  To you all, thank you for being willing to place yourself in that position in the service of the school.  It’s great that the school can benefit from such strong support.


In Grace Davey’s words, “It is music madness month again.”  June is a crazy month for music events and competitions, and you will see some of the results of recent performances in the body of this newsletter.  For the music staff, it’s a frantic time.  For students it is a month that is very demanding.  Students have their regular NCEA loads, sports commitments, clubs, after school jobs, as well as friends and family, plus church for many.  There are many competing pressures.  That so many students also manage to produce outstanding musical performance across a range of modes is very impressive.


For those who would like to see the next phase of performances, there is the Regional Final for Rockquest on Saturday at Sacred Heart College, where five of the twelve bands are ours.  Then on Monday there is ShowQuest, the inauguration of the replacement for what was Stage Challenge.  Ella Leitner 13GD, Molly Fairfield 11MR and Ellie Cotton 12NG are the student drivers for the 46 strong performers in the event.  We are very fortunate that so many of our students are so passionate and so able in the performing arts.  Best wishes to all competing in the next few days and to the HIp Hop, Jazz and Cheerleading teams who compete later in the year.


I also want to note  Head of Physical Education Mark Oates’ recent activity.  Mark has been in Poland as part of the coaching team for the New Zealand Under 20 Football Team.  They were an impressive team; the first New Zealand men’s team to beat a European side in a FIFA competition and reaching the round of 16, playing Colombia in a match that was 1-1 at full time, 1-1 after extra time and ultimately a one goal loss in a very tense penalty shoot-out.  Mark will now resume his work with our Girls’ 1st XI and they will be the eager beneficiaries of the new insights he will offer to the school’s football.