Principal's Comment 5 June

We’ve been very fortunate to attract a high calibre field of candidates  who are willing to stand for the Board of Trustees for the next three year term. Voting for the Board election closes this Friday 7 June at noon.

Under the regulations our returning officer cannot accept any late votes and so the cut-off is very real.  If you have not already voted, I urge you to do that right now.  While it is a great Kiwi tradition to leave things until the last minute, this is not the time to do that.  With today’s more limited postal services, committing your papers to the mail is not necessarily an assured way of them arriving in time.  There are two better solutions: drop your papers into the voting box that sits on the main office counter or get your son/daughter to drop them in for you.

As with all schools, the current educational reforms have set up changing potential roles for Board members and as  part of our preparation for that it is highly desirable that we have an able, skilled and committed group of parent representatives overseeing the next years of Hutt Valley High School.  Please take the step to have your view recorded in the form of voting for those you see as best placed to guide the school.

The other big event this week is Open Evening on Thursday 6 June.  This is when we have the school open for visitors to tour to see whether we are the right place for their future education.  We have been fortunate to have strong demand for places in recent years, but that’s something no school can ever take for granted.  We have to keep working at improving who we are and what we can offer.  At the core of our philosophy lie the values derived from the strategic planning process we went through last year.  “We are kind; we are welcoming; we persevere and we achieve.”  These apparently simple statements have a great deal of drill-down to make them real.  At our core we try to fit the school to the student. That’s a challenge and implies that we will always be changing in order to do that.  Our core mission is to produce students who are healthy, happy and whole, and who are well-placed to make a positive contribution to modern New Zealand.  Students in that robust good place will thrive in all the academic, cultural and sporting elements that are the traditional measures of success. Tomorrow night around 90 of our students have volunteered to guide visitors around the site and to talk about their experiences of the school, with the evening starting at 6.00 pm.  They don’t get any special reward for that and it’s lovely that they care enough about their school to offer their time in this way.  It’s a small emblem of the tone of the school.  The staff look forward to showing people their passion for learning and for their subjects, and to reveal a glimpse of why as teachers they do what they do.

Now, time to vote for the Board……..



Ross Sinclair