Level 3 Covid-19 Update

Level 3 - Covid-19

Information for students and their families



Yesterday the Prime Minister announced that New Zealand willmove to Alert Level 3 from the morning of Tuesday 28th April, with schoolsproviding services to Year 9 and 10 students from or after Wednesday 29thApril.


Alert Level 3 means:

Teachers and studentsare working from home.

There is a lifting of SOME of the restrictions that appliedat Level 4, however, the plan continues to be to minimise the risk oftransmission through limiting interactions with others.  


At Alert Level 3, students in Year 9 and 10 can attend school if:

● They have parents or caregivers who must return to workoutside of their home and there is no other caregiver in their bubble (or in aslightly expanded bubble in accordance with Level 3 guidelines) to look afterthem. In effect, coming to school should only be considered as a last resort asit widens each student’s “bubble”.  


If you are in this situation, please complete the form(below) sent with this message, so that we are able to plan the supervisionrequired, as well as the Health and Safety elements surrounding studentsspending time at school. In these circumstances, we need a commitment toattend; it is not a scenario where students can simply arrive as they wish,because both home and school need to know the details of their contacts inorder to make appropriate provision for their safety.

Learning Programmesat Alert Level 3:

● All students, Year 9-13 at home and at school will beoffered the same online learningprogrammes as they are currently engaged in. The Year 9 and 10 students atschool will be supervised by a teacher as they work on their online tasks. Theywill not have their regular teachers, as the school’s staff will continue towork from home. All Year 11-13 students will also  continue to learn from home.


At Alert Level 3, students should definitely stay homeif  they have an underlying medicalcondition, or are unwell, or are living with someone who has an underlyingmedical condition.


Please note thatalthough the Level 3 restriction comes into being on Tuesday 28th - the schoolwill be closed on that date so that staff can prepare.


The school will take all practicable steps to minimise therisk of infection. These will follow the Ministry of Health and Ministry ofEducation Guidelines.


Please complete this questionnaire if your child needs to attend school from Wednesday April 29th.

Questionnaire for Year 9 and 10 students neeing to be at school


This can change later of course, but we need to know whatyou’re currently thinking so we can start planning. If you do need to send yourchild to school, please complete the form by noon tomorrow (Wednesday).


This is a tricky situation for home and school. Thank youfor your co-operation, understanding and support as we work through theimplications of the Levels structure. There is much that will change in thecoming weeks. In the meantime, staff have now completed Attitude to Learninggrades and these are accessible via the Kamar portal.


We hope that you and your family are well.


Ross Sinclair