Keep Calm and Catch Up

Week 4 = Keep Calm and Catch-up Week. 

Hi students

It has been a very busy and unusual time for us all and we think it important that we give you space to ‘catch your breath’, complete your work if you can, clear your emails and declutter your Google Classroom.

For this reason, your teachers will not be setting any new work next week and you will not receive any emails from your subject teachers. You can still email your subject teachers for help if you need to. Your mentor teacher will still check-in as usual.

We would appreciate it if you completed this survey to help us plan going forward.

It is your choice how you use and structure this week.

  1. You might choose to catch up on work that you have not yet finished - or started.
  2. You may choose to join an optional Google Meet if offered.
  3. You should clear all your emails so that your inbox is empty.
  4. You should tidy up your Google Classroom. Here is a way to make a To-Do list on Classroom
  5. Once you are up to date you may like to choose to complete some of the voluntary activities below.

Voluntary Activities

If you want other things to try, you could consider these. Take a photo, or video and share it with your mentor teacher. Feel free repeat a favourite activity.

Do something extra kind for someone in your bubble.

Bake a cake, decorate it in house colours

Make a movie or website about ...

Read a novel and write a review.

Learn a waiata.

Make a tui feeder.

Make a video teaching someone in your class about something you like to do such as; a musical instrument, a drawing, outdoor survival, highland dancing, making videos, or ball skills.

Give your time - offer to help around your home or maybe your neighbours

Climb the highest hill you can reach on foot.

Take notice - Photograph interesting things in your local bubble community

Cricket or hockey stick juggle challenge

Link video

Write a thank you message to someone who has helped you in the past.

Create something to make Mother’s Day on Saturday special, you could help any brothers and sisters as well with this.

Write a poem about Lockdown 

Coordinate a bubble Tiktok

Make a piece of art out of the recycling

Complete and document a kitchen based science experiment

Cook something from another country and share with us what you learned about this dish and the local culture

Cooking - Make a video to teach others how to make the recipe. Include a downloadable recipe with step by step photos

Create a treasure map that will lead a whānau member to a secret hidden treasure.

Revisit a book you loved when you were younger

Make a list of ten things you’re grateful for

Bike a trail (maybe the Hutt River trail) many km can you do?

Practise saying hello in as many languages as you dare

Make a playlist of your ten favourite songs