(Subject to possible change if there are new Ministry directives issued in the rest of the week)

Welcome back.

Level 2 is about being safe and sensible and for us it is also recognising that the risk remains very low of contracting the COVID-19 infection in the Hutt Valley. The school has had no active cases and our region has likewise had no cases for several weeks. However, we recognise that the return to school will create some anxieties. We have made changes to the school’s operation to ensure that everyone - students and staff - is safe.  

Our student surveys make clear that seven weeks has produced in many a desire to return to school. Staff, too, are keen to resume education in a way that allows greater interaction.  

School is open from next Monday 18th May. It is safe to return and we are looking forward to having students back on site. Students should go to their mentor class at 9.00 am to reconnect and learn about the changes to school at Covid-19 alert Level 2. The normal timetable will resume from spell 2, and students should bring their usual learning materials.

The school is following all Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education guidelines, emphasising good hygiene practices. Sanitiser is available for all rooms to promote hand cleaning. Classrooms have been re-set as much as possible to increase separation. Signage around the school encourages separation. There is a new cleaning regime operating both within the school day and in the evening full clean. A tracking system in the Library allows contact tracing should that prove necessary in the future. 

The key messages are those seen throughout the previous lockdown levels, focusing on good hygiene through regular hand washing and containing sneezes, preserving distance between individuals, and remaining at home if you are unwell. 

It is essential that all students bring their electronic devices. Online learning will continue to be used as we transition to the regular programme. Because we have distributed devices to students to allow online learning during Lockdown Levels 4 and 3, we have only a limited supply of chromebooks in the library that individual students can borrow for the day. Teachers can no longer book a class set, so students who have become used to borrowing a school device in a specific class will no longer be able to do that. 

We ask that students consider their transport arrangements. Buses are running at half their regular capacity and we are told there are no additional services possible. This means the effective bus provision is effectively halved compared to what students have been used to.

The canteen service will resume on Monday. 


Many students have been in touch with our Guidance staff over the last weeks and we encourage all those who need to talk through their circumstances or to seek help to deal with the challenges of the Lockdown phase to make use of the support available in Te Korowai.

We are looking forward to greeting our students on Monday and resuming the interpersonal relationships that are the mainstay of school life. 


Ross Sinclair and Denise Johnson