Student Leaders 2017 - Congratulations


Student Leaders 2017




Head students

Patrick Langley              

Jacqueline Valentine-Ramsden

Deputy Heads

Tom Walsh

Paris Nicholson

Cultural Captains

Moss Grenfell

Grace Tafili

Junior School Captains

Robin Sejwal

Sade Putu

Service Captains

Jack Wellwood

Michaela Judson

Sports Captains

Tane Rolfe

Mikayla Lewin




New positions for 2017


House Captains




Paige Hansen

Bryn Yates

Kyra Tombs

James Hazeldine

Honestly Morete                   

Jonathan Fox                         




House Captains will work with the Deputy Heads, who will be ‘Head of Houses’ to further develop the house system. They will also be ‘floating’ liaisons.








Lik De Chun

Saajan Damania

Mary Tanuvasa Tutogi

Brooke Taylor

Hamish Horan

Gus Reece

Anjuli Langdale

Alex Ingham

Tim Hay

Jess Pritchard

Emma Doile

Alliyah Samson

Hamish McArthur

Shania Warren

Alex Hanaray

Hollie Ung

Dhanajay Rathore

Petra Sele

Anita Manickavasagar

Aini Fayaz Mansoor

Riley Allen

Dion Grace

Beth Thompson

Kayleigh Fraser

Will Foster

Sarah Parish

Jahnvi Ghandi

Natasha Porter

Chenchen Huang

Jayden Symes





New formal positions for 2017


Committee Members

These leaders will work to support their respective Captains.




Sports Committee

Olivia England

Michelle Barr

Cultural Committee

Mary Tanuvasa

Lik De Chun

Service Committee

Hamish McArthur

Alex Ingham