Student Leaders for 2016

 30 October 2015



Head Boy

Alexander Calder

Head Girl

Madison Hemson



Board of Trustees Student Trustee

Safari Hynes



Deputy Head Boy

Troix Kokich

Deputy Head Girl

Hazel Sisson



Cultural Captains

Jeremiah Paku


Abby Barclay



Junior School Captains

Tipene Maguren


Hannah Taylor



Sports Captains

Dhvanil Gandhi


Bonnie Jansen



Service Captains

Matthew Nocete


Taylah King



Liaison Students 2016

Aimee Barr

Miguel Bucal

Lucy Bird

James Del Puerto

Mary-Florence Bleasdale

Mackenzie Gordon

Stephanie Calder

James Isberg

Thilini Dissanayake

Johnny King

Lola Hall

Vidal Kishor

Ashley-Rose Hawtin

Arun Krishnamoorthy

Miona Homolja

Zaq Muru

Georgia Karsanidis

Michael Scanlan

Eireanne Millikin

Jamie Tetava

Jessica Mitchell

Semi Uluiviti

Ellen Pye

Nick Waller

Sera Rawson

David Wilson

Stela Resende Alburquerque

Matthew Yee

Victoria Scott


Jordi Stevenson


Amberlee Sutherland


Thulacksha Thayarooban


Congratulations to the selected students.

Thank you to all those who expressed an interest in liaison roles for 2016.  Your talent and energy will be needed to assist with implementing student-generated programmes across the school, and we look forward to you taking other opportunities for leadership as they occur during next year.  There may be other names added in the next few weeks.


Ross Sinclair