Senior Parent Teacher Interviews

There will be Year 11-13 Parent/Caregiver and Teacher interviews for all senior students this year. They will be held over two nights in Weeks 1 and 2 of Term 2.

The interview evenings will run from 3.45 pm until 6.30 pm on Wednesday 4 May and Thursday 12 May.

They will be held in the School Hall and various sign posted classrooms in D Block. Students are welcome with parents and we ask that you book for the appropriate evening, where possible, based on your child’s last name.

These interviews are for subject teachers, you do not need to book a time to see the Mentor Teacher.

Wednesday 4 May week 1 - Surnames A-L for Year 11-13 students
Thursday 12 May week 2 - Surnames M-Z for Year 11-13 students

Bookings with staff can be made online at starting on Monday 11 April at 9.00 am. Alternatively the Dean's Secretary (Jill Wheeler) can make the bookings for you. Phone: 566 4584 ext 8819.

Your Online Booking Steps:
1. Go to the website
2. Enter the event code: vmbyn (lower case)
This will take you through to the two interview evenings for HVHS
Use the attached spreadsheet for teacher codes and names to match up with your student's teachers (you may need the Kamar Portal open to recall teacher names)
3. Follow the instructions provided.

Please include your child’s first and surname so it matches our rolls.