Pacifica Fono

Invitation to a fono on Monday April 1st.

As Pacific Island students at Hutt Valley High School we want to strengthen the Pacific Island community in the school by bringing families and students together with a joint purpose of giving a voice to Pacifica issues. By doing this, we hope to make a difference for Pacific Island students in our school and to encourage further enrolment of Pacific families.

We would like to invite you to a fono on Monday the 1st of April, in Hotuwaipara at 5.30pm. We want to collect ideas through an informal get together with food about celebrating and acknowledging the successes of our students. We want an open sharing of opinions and ideas for ways to better the future of our culture within Hutt Valley High School.

There will be a prior get together for students on Tuesday 26th at lunchtime in Hotuwaipara to inform about and promote this event- we hope to see you all there.

Thanks for all your support!

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