Monday Camp and Wellington Activity Update


Camp 1 (BAPA/GOFL) sail south tomorrow morning. Remember that you meet at the Interislander Terminal at 7.30am.

Students in BAPR/GOFL not going to camp should be ready to enjoy 'The Amazing Race'.
Students from LANV who sadly have had their camp cancelled are also off on their Amazing Race Day tomorrow.
Students from TANB/MXTM/SPPF/HYLN who mastered the Amazing Race today are off to Days Bay tomorrow, and have a Technology Day on Wednesday starting at 9.30am.
Students from TVDR/BKTS(2) - who are from Camp 4 and also had their camp cancelled, are off to Days Bay Outdoor Pursuits tomorrow.

All Wellington Activity Day students should meet in the hall at 8.45am.

We thank you again for your patience, and do understand why there is some confusion about who is going where and when on the Wellington Activities! We too are trying to get our brains around all the changes. I have emailed families a PDF that should help clarify where your child should be and when. I have previously sent out this information via email but we have had one further camp cancelled since that time.

Our aim is to get all students, who are not going to camp on two days of Outdoor Education. Day 1 - The Amazing Race based at Percy's Reserve; Day 2 - Outdoor Pursuits based at Days Bay.

In most cases students will be with other students from their class, but in some cases students from one class have been split into two groups. This is due to us needing to balance numbers for transport.

Where your child is not on camp, and not on one of the Wellington Activity Days, they should be in class. In some cases the class will be very small and we may combine. Your child should report to the Student Office or my office if they are not sure where to go.

We are in the process of applying for refunds from the Interislander. The Wellington Activity Days cost $20 - but students who have had their camp cancelled do not need to pay this as it will be deducted from the camp refund.

Thanks so much again
Denise Johnson