House- Taumata Update

Taumata - House competition

Points standing as at April 2nd.
We have had 2 events this term with 3 more events in the coming weeks. Cross Country and Relay For Life participation plus the photography competition.
house points.JPG
Points have been allocated for your overall place at Athletics Day and every 'excellent' or 'very good' grade you received on your recent attitude to learning report gained your house points.

The overall points table is below: Orongorongo won Athletics Sports and Pukeariki won this term's attitude to learning grades. The lead taumata at the moment are Matiarangi and Pukeariki 1=.

This term and the start of next term there is going to be a house photo competition. This is where you take a photo of something, whether it be yourself or an object, that represents your house colour. Every entry gets 1 house point and there is one entry per person. You can still take group photos though. Please keep all photos respectful and ki

To enter your photos you can either email them to your house captain, send it to them via the house Facebook pages or post it on your own Instagram page (if it's public) with the following hashtags for your house:

Tararua: #hvhstararua, #tararuaforparticipationaward2019

Matairangi: #hvhsmatairangi, #yellowfellows

Remutaka: #hvhsremutaka, #greenmeanpics2019

Orongorongo: #hvhsorongorongo, #hvhspinkpower

Pukeatua: #hvhspukeatua#hvhsfirefist

Pukeariki: #hvhspukeariki#hvhspurplesquad

Entries will close at the end of week 2 term 2 and the house with the best photo will win a ton of house points.

Any other questions please email your house captains.

Tararua - (Genevieve), (Joe)
Matairangi - (Hannah), (James)
Orongorongo - (Ashi), (Gabriel)
Remutaka - (Aaron), (Anisha)
Pukeariki - (Cam), (Iorana)
Pukeatua - (Adrian), (Iorina)

Facebook pages:
- HVHS Tararua Taumata
- HVHS Matairangi
- HVHS Orongorongo
- HVHS Remutaka Taumata
- HVHS Pukerariki
- HVHS Pukeatua