Class and Portrait Photos 2017

Class and Portrait (and extra Year 13 Group photographs) with INphotography are scheduled for 10, 11 and 12 May. Timetable will be published in the daily notices.

Online orders receive automated email confirmation. Please DO NOT also return an order form if ordering online.

For cash/chq please hand order (printable pdf form attached) with payment (enclosed in an envelope) to the school Resource Centre by 3.00 pm 9 May. Printed order forms are also available at resource centre.

Please note that this is a prepaid system and individual or sibling portrait orders (online) MUST be received by 6.00 am on your scheduled photo day with correct details to guarantee to be photographed.
Cash/Chq orders will be accepted by the team in the hall on the day although it is preferred that they are handed to the Resource Centre by 3.00 pm 9 May.

Please also note the following:
We work in accordance with the new Work safe legislation and signage regarding our services and equipment will be in place for your safety. Please note in advance the following hazard:
Studio Lighting (flash lights) have potential to be a hazard to person/s for reasons such as triggering an epileptic fit or a migraine. There is no practicable method to avoid using the lighting so therefore
we recommend any person/s with concern should not enter the photography space or surrounding area where the flash lights may be recognized. (and any absentees will be listed on the tutor class photograph)