Athletic Sports - Information for students

Important Information For Students
  • Students need to be at the Hutt Rec by 9.40am ready for a 9.50am roll call. Students meet their mentor teachers and liaison students in the allocated house area of the stand. (see map below)Grandstand.jpg

  • Students do not need to enter events - they just turn up and enter on the day

  • Students can enter as many events as they wish - they earn house points for each event entered. 

  • Students need to work out what age group they are in, before Wednesday. Teachers will write what age group students are in on their hand Wednesday morning. 

    • Junior - Under 14 as at 1st Jan

    • Intermediate - Under 16 as at 1st Jan

    • Senior - Under 19 as at 1st Jan

  • Students need to bring their own lunch (including lots of fluids).

  • The canteen will operate at the Hutt Rec and eftpos will be available.

  • Students will not be allowed to leave the grounds until the end of the day. This includes Year 13 students.  If a student has an appointment, they must see any member of the SLT to get a pass.(Mrs Johnson, Mr Fox, Mr Larkin, Mrs Kennedy, or Mr Sinclair)

  • The cancellation day is Friday 24th February (but it is going to be fine!) If deferred it will be posted on the school website by 7am on Wednesday.