Koki Endo - Kyoto, Japan

  • Age: 15
  • Current study programme: Study Abroad-1 year
  • Favourite part of school: I can meet people from all over the world
  •  Cross-cultural learning: Understanding and communicating in a new culture
  •  Hobbies: Fencing, Japanese Manga cartoons, watching movies
  •  Favourite food: Japanese
  •  Future plans: Study at university in Japan
  •  Best NZ experience: Winning the Wellington Regional Fencing Championship, competing at NZ National Fencing competition, visiting many beautiful places.

Ivy Nguyen - Hanoi, Vietnam

  • Age 17
  •  Current study programme: NCEA
  •  Favourite part of school: Music and Photography
  •  Cross-cultural learning: First time to encounter Māori culture and learn about NZ culture and values
  •  Hobbies: Photography, listening to music, reading, playing the Dan Tranh (Vietnamese Zither)
  •  Favourite food: Ice Cream
  •  Future plans: Look to study at university in New Zealand or another country
  •  Best NZ experience: Attending the 3-day international student orientation camp at HVHS. I met many friends, visited new places and learned many new things.

Julia Hollitzner - Germany

My time at Hutt Valley High School was just amazing. It was definitely the right choice to go to Wellington.

I was a bit nervous first but after a few days of school when I got to know where everything was I felt most welcome. Everybody was so friendly and helpful. I also found friends in the first couple of days. From then on I spent a lot of my free time being with them. The rest time I was with my lovely host family or playing soccer in the school team.I have been travelling with my host family around New Zealand a lot. I saw beautiful places I would never have see anywhere else.8 months are over. It still feels like I arrived yesterday. Hutt Valley High School became an important chapter in my life and I’m going to miss it heaps. I had so much fun, met amazing people, had a good education and learned a lot of things about myself. I’m looking forward to coming back as soon as I can.A big thank you to all at Hutt Valley High School.

Meine Zeit in Neuseeland war so schoen. Es war definitiv die richtige Entscheidung nach Wellington zu kommen.Am Anfang was ich ein bisschen nervous, aber nach einigen Tagen, als ich den Ueberblick ueber die grosse Schule bekommen habe, habe ich mich richtig wohlgefuehlt. Ich habe gleich Anschluss gefunden, das hat mir geholfen, mein neues Leben in Neuseeland zu starten. Mit meinen Freunden habe ich viel Unternommen, die restliche Zeit habe ich mit einer Gastfamilie verbracht oder habe Fussball im Schulteam gespielt.In Neuseeland bin ich viel rumgereist und habe so schoene plaetze gesehen. Ich bin sehr froh, dass ich die Moeglichkeit hatte, hier zu sein.8 Monate sind um, und es kommt mir vor, als wurde ich erst gestern vom Flughafen abgeholt. Hutt Valley High School is ein wichtiges Kapitel in meinem Leben. Ich werde niemals vergessen wie viel Spass ich hatte, was fuer nette Leute ich getroffen habe und was ich ueber mich selbst gelernt habe.Ich werde mein Leben hier sehr vermissen und freue mich schon wieder, wenn ich zurueck kommen darf.Dankeschoen an Hutt Valley High School


Sam Zhu - Beijing, China

  • Age:17
  • Current study programme: NCEA
  • Favourite part of school: Teamwork in the school environment
  • Cross-cultural learning: Different food, understanding kiwi culture, communicating with people
  • Hobbies: Music, gym
  • Favourite food: Everything
  • Future plans: Performance music at the NZ School of Music, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Best NZ experience: Joining in many different bands and orchestras in NZ.

Laura Zillman - Brazil

Voila!I have been in New Zealand for 6 months and I can say that I am having the time of my life. In this 6 months I learnt more than in my whole life. I came here to learn a new language but in the end the most important things I learnt had nothing to do with English. I learnt to be independent, to think for myself, to overcome my insecurity. It has been an amazing experience, I tried new things, met amazing people who I will never forget and went to the most beautiful places .and I can say that coming here changed my life. It wasn’t easy in the beginning but I had a lot of support from my host family, the school and my organization which made it easier to adapt to this new culture.

New Zealand became my second home and now I know that I chose the right place to come in on exchange. People are always nice and friendly and everything is very different so there are lots of new things to see.  Coming in an exchange to such a great place was a unique experience and it’s impossible not to enjoy it. I am thankful to the school, my family and my organization for giving me    this opportunity.

Eu estou na Nova Zelandia a seis meses e eu posso dizer que foram os melhores meses da minha vida. Nesses ultimos meses eu comcerteza aprendi mais do que emminha vida toda. Eu vim pra ca para aprender outra lingua, mas no fim as coisas mais importantes que eu aprendi nao tem a nada e ver com o ingles. Eu aprendi a ser independente, a pensar por mim mesma, anao ser tao insegura. Tem sidouma experiencia incrivel e eu nunca vou esquecer os lugares que eu vi, as pessoas maravilhosas que eu conheci, e tudo que novo que eu pude tentar. Hojeeu posso dizer que vir pra ca mudou a minha vida. Nao foi facil no inicio mas eu sempre tiveo apoio da minha familia hospedeira, da escola e da minha organizacao o fez com que fosse muito mais facil me adaptar a essa nova cultura.

A Nova Zelandia se tornou minha segunda casa e hoje eu sei que eu escolhi o lugar certo para vir no meu intercambio. As pessoas sao sempre amigaveis, tudo e muito diferente e ha muitas coisas novas par aver. Vir em um intercambio em um lugar como esse foi uma experiencia unica e e impossivel nao aproveitar. Eu sou muito grata a escola, a minha familia e a minha organizacao por me darem  essa oportunidade.

 By Laura Zillmann

Kiilian Deihnardt - Germany

My time at Hutt Valley High School has definitely been the most exciting time of my life!  Besides academic studies. I really enjoyed the cultural and sporting opportunities.  It’s great to try a new instrument or try a new sport.

The people in New Zealand are so welcoming and kind; so don’t be shy and you will make great friends.  The International Department always offers great activities and keeps you well informed on what is going on.  The Outdoor Pursuits trip was awesome.

Anna and Ketzia (Germany and South Africa)

  • Anna Heinemann (LEFT)
  • Age: 15
  •  City/Country: Hamburg, Germany
  •  Current study programme: Study Abroad-9 months
  •  Favourite part of school: Variety of subjects available and fun community of international students
  •  Cross-cultural learning: Some people in NZ go to the supermarket in bare feet
  •  Hobbies: Playing Hockey, hanging out with friends
  •  Favourite food: Ice Cream, meat-balls
  •  Future plans: Finish school back in Germany, then take a gap year and come back to NZ to travel and visit friends
  • Best NZ experience: Many experiences combined to make my time in NZ amazing. Travelling around the South Island and making lots of friends.


  • Ketsia Velaphi (RIGHT)
  •  Age: 18
  •  City/Country: Pretoria, South Africa
  •  Current study programme: NCEA
  •  Favourite part of school: Dramatic Arts, spending time with my friends
  •  Cross-cultural learning: Surprised at how incredibly friendly kiwis are
  •  Hobbies: Hockey, Netball, singing, dancing, writing poetry and short stories
  •  Favourite food: Pasta with mushroom sauce and chorizo
  •  Future plans: Plan to study Law and International Relations at Rhodes University.
  •  Plan to become a political advocate
  •  Best NZ experience: Performing in the National Shakespeare Festival and touring the South Island.