Student Code of Conduct

HVHS is a Restorative Practice school

OUR VISION: Tirohanga whānui

Working together to prepare our students for their future.

OUR MISSION: Whakatakanga

To provide a safe, supportive and inclusive place that builds confidence and resilience.

To inspire our students to discover their passion and flourish in the world. 

HVHS uses restorative processes to establish, maintain and repair positive, respectful relationships between students, staff, family and the community. We believe that good relationships are paramount for fulfilling the goals that we have for our students. 

When conduct falls short of the school’s expectations the school will attempt to restore the situation using strategies designed to help the offenders understand what they did, what the impact was on others, what is needed to make things right and how they might guarantee that there will be no repeat of the problem. Each case will be considered on its own merits, and the consequences may vary from case to case. The underpinning idea in the school’s dealings with these matters is to conform to the principles of natural justice.

Several documents guide school practice. They are: 

Click here for our Student Behaviour Management Plan

Code of Conduct - read here

As revised by the Board of Trustees on 24 June 2020