School Donations

School Donations 2022

Much of the specialist resourcing and equipment, additional staffing and environmental improvements we want for our students are not covered by the funding we receive from the government. We rely heavily on your generosity and valuable donations to ensure we can offer the very best level of education possible.

In the past, we have had the privilege of a strong International Fee Paying Student Programme, from which we enjoyed a financial gain - which we in turn spent on those added extras. For example, additional Teacher Aides and Sports Coordinators and numerous sets of equity Chromebooks. We no longer have a sizeable International Programme and have had to adjust our staffing and expenditure for the foreseeable future.

We received a very high level of support from our community in 2021, and for this, we are indeed thankful. We are hopeful that you will continue to support the school and its students in the future.

The following is a breakdown of the Donations requested for 2022 and the activities it will help cover:

School Donation - $275 per student ($175 for the second student, $100 for third and subsequent students)

The general school donation helps provide some of the things that our parents, whānau and students deserve but for which we are limited by government funding.

The donation helps pay for:

- The school First Aide Office to support student health and wellbeing

- Additional staff in our Guidance department

- Additional Learning Support Assistants (Teacher Aides) for in-class support

- Vans to transport students to education and sporting opportunities

- A range of consumable items for classrooms and the library

- Admin and support for sport and cultural events eg Sports Coordinator, Kapa Haka and Pasifika groups.

Technology donation - $100 per family

Access to technology that prepares students for work and life beyond school is essential. Our ICT infrastructure and kit need to be leading-edge and high-specification to meet the curriculum's demands and prepare our students for their futures.

Every year we supplement the shortfall between what we receive from the government and what infrastructure, technical support and equipment costs. We receive $67,000 and spend up to $450,000.

Your donation helps pay for:

- High Specification laptops and sophisticated packages for Art Design, Digital Technology, Computer Science, Design and Visual Communication, Music and Media Studies

- Dedicated technical staff available to support staff and students and our complicated infrastructure

- Equity Chromebooks for use by students who do not own a device or their device is undergoing repairs.

Development fund - $150 per family

This fund supports projects which are beyond the scope of the Ministry’s funding to help make the school a more engaging place to be.

In the past, this has included contributions to:

- Shade sails

- Drinking fountains

- Picnic tables

- The signage and wayfinding – Poutama design

- Cricket Block

- Campus of the Future Design, which has been used as the basis for our Master Build 2022

- Netball court resealing

The Development Fund will also support the new building project and refurbishment and will

enable us to fit out and furnish at a standard that enhances our learning environment.

Payment Options

We are aware that it is not always possible for you to pop into our Resource Centre, to pay an account, pick up uniform items or pay for a trip or book etc
Therefore we hope this information below with options will help.

Payments can be made in various ways:

Internet banking

One-off payments

- When making a one-off payment and the figure paid is not the full amount then please email us at so we know what to allocate it to.
- Automatic payments can be set up for every week or fortnight for as little as $5 upwards. That way you will never need to send your student with cash again, even for trips - only the permission slip will be required. Payments will be applied to compulsory charges first and then donations unless specified.
- Any credits will roll over to the following year.
- During the first year you will see how your payments are going and know whether the amount needs to be increased or decreased, depending on what sports are played etc.

Account Name: Hutt Valley High School Bank of New Zealand
Account Number: 02 0528 0030654 00
Ref: Student Surname, ID# found on invoice/statement and what the payment is for.

Telephone Payments

- You can call us and pay by Debit/Credit card.  If a uniform fitting is required for your student you can let us know what you require and we can call your student to come and try some on.

Portal Payments

- Logging into the Kamar portal using your caregiver login, you can see your student's account and make full payments. These payments show on the school account immediately.

Automatic Payments

Setting up Automatic Payments
Parents/Caregivers may make arranged, regular, automatic payments to the HVHS bank account to assist in paying for most of the school expenses. An automatic payment form is available from the Resource Centre or you can set it up with your bank via online or telephone banking. The money will be credited against your student’s financial record. If you have more than one student, then payments will be shared by applying for payments between siblings.
Contact the Resource Centre to advise what you are setting up the AP to cover, otherwise all payments will be attributed to the total outstanding balance. All required balances should be clear by the end of the school year.
Please note: If you do not wish to pay any of the requested donations or wish to cancel your AP then please contact the Resource Centre.

Other Expenses
Any expenses for an activity organised by HVHS may be processed through the student’s financial record with the AP paying it off, however, authorisation from the parent is required. This can be made by note, email or phone call.
School Yearbook: This must be prepaid before the order is finalised at the end of October. We do not carry extra stock.
Other expenses include things such as study books, trips, sports fees, uniforms and stationery. The Year 13 Ball and items such as leavers' hoodies need to be paid in full.

SPORTS - No Pay No Play
All sports registrations are via the online form. Parents and students should complete the form together. Students will not be eligible to play for their selected sport/s if this is not done and the registration fee is not paid.
All sports fees are paid to the Resource Centre.

Statement of Payments and Receipts
A statement can be posted or emailed to you on request. This will show all transactions that have gone through your student's financial records, even those paid by another payment method. The first statement is released once all courses are confirmed and no more changes are to be made (middle of term 1). Once your student is attending HVHS you can also view the status of your student’s financial record by signing into the Kamar Parent Portal using your caregiver password.

To offer your student financial flexibility, please keep the automatic payment running for the entire time your student is enrolled at HVHS. Especially during the holiday period.