Bring Your Own Device

HVHS encourages all students to bring their own digital device (a Chromebook or laptop) to school.  

At HVHS we are committed to exploring the possibilities offered by new technologies, supporting teachers and students to take risks in trialing them, and making informed decisions about which technologies best support our students’ learning needs. BYOD will open up and foster new learning opportunities, as well as improving existing practices both inside and outside the classroom.

We are a Google Apps school. This means that students can access email, calendar and documents via Google Classroom for learning anytime, anywhere , and on any internet capable device.

Students will use their devices for many purposes: to connect and collaborate with others in their class and with their teacher; for research by accessing databases and search engines; for checking their learning by accessing the Khan Academy, Studyit and other online revision sites; for making and managing notes; for developing ideas by using mind-mapping applications; for creating and sharing presentations; and for creating and developing ideas using 3D modelling, podcasting, and movie making.

Students are able to bring devices with the following specifications:

- highly portable device (must be able to fit easily into a school bag)
- light device
- wireless capability
- be robust (a good quality device should last a student four years)
- run Google-Apps effectively (this is MOST important)

We have decided not to name one particular device for all parents/caregivers to buy as the market is changing so rapidly that new devices are appearing all the time. However, Chromebooks are a sensible option at year 9 and 10 as students work in a Google Apps environment. Seniors may also use Chromebooks depending on course selection as some courses will have greater software needs. HVHS has adopted Google Apps for Education, so it is important that any laptop is compatible with Google products. We do recommend a device with a keyboard or a keyboard attachment. Students doing senior courses, especially Statistics, Media Studies, Photography, Graphics and Art Design,may prefer to use a more powerful laptop. However,specialist computer rooms will be available for these courses.

Your student will still have access to content for learning if they don’t bring their own digital device, but will process content in a different way and at a different times, perhaps using a home computer or our computer labs at interval, lunchtime, or before and after school. There is a limited supply of Chromebooks available to borrow from the Library for the school day.

Portable devices should be protected by a username and password. This should not be disclosed to other students. Portable devices should be stored in a protective bag and care should be taken to ensure that it is placed carefully inside a school bag. Digital devices should never be left in unsupervised areas during the school day.The security of a student owned device is the responsibility of the student.  Where possible, laptops should be engraved or labeled with the student’s name.

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