Covid-19 advice

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School holidays start Monday, March 30th. Enjoy the break. Relax and refresh. Online learning will commence in 2 weeks time on Wednesday 15th April.
However, if you wish you can choose to complete term one work via Google Classroom anytime.

COVID-19 support

Help for tough times
The Mental Health Foundation
If you need mental health support urgently please contact Te Haika directly:

Guidelines for HVHS students and families
Instructions for going remote.

  • Put your health and your family first.
  • Get some exercise - be active
  • Connect with your friends and family online - or over the fence from 2m apart.
  • Seek support if you need it. See our school website for support agencies.
  • Staff will post the week’s work for each class on a Monday morning (however due to Easter this will start Wednesday 15th April)
  • Make a plan for each day - learn something new online e.g a new language or recipe
  • We suggest that you develop a timetable for the week that works for your family.
  • A morning and an afternoon working /study period would be best.
  • We do not expect students to work all day. 
  • Lessons will be delivered via Google Classrooms.  
  • The lessons will be pared back - just what's absolutely essential.  Think quality over quantity
  • Our guide to staff is 20mins per lesson. 
  • Focus on keeping up connections and relationships - that's what actually matters. 
  • Encourage your student to email and join in Google Classroom activities. 
  • Encourage your student to stay connected with their friends. 
  • Please don't stress about NCEA assessment. These are unprecedented times and NZQA have helped direct the calls that we are making. Just encourage learners to complete the tasks and activities given to them. 
  • Beyond the work given by staff, you can engage in learning with your students. For example: reading books, watching clips and documentaries, discussions about topics being covered at school. Learning new skills - e.g cooking, language, yoga. TedTalks. Physical exercise is very important. Go walking, a bike ride or other activities that are safe and ensure a physical distance is maintained.

Communicating with teachers

  • Mentor teachers will check in with students each week. Via Google Classroom or an email.
  • If you need to contact a staff member, it is best through email. 
  • For classwork contact the subject teacher
  • For pastoral advice contact the mentor teacher or dean
  • If a subject teacher falls ill; another member of the department will share work with your students.
  • Our guidance department will be emailing all students to advise how to contact them if needed. If you feel that your students require guidance support - contact the mentor teacher in the first instance who will refer to Deans or Guidance.

Regular communication from the school

  1. All updates will be communicated through the school website, Facebook page and a shortened version on the school app.  Please ensure you are connected to these.
  2. The school will be closed for all students and their families. Please don’t come to school for information. Use our online tools.

Setting up at home

  1. Check your email each day
  2. Where possible, find a space at home that you can set up as a good work environment. Make sure that it is comfortable and somewhere you can work without distractions.
  3. Take regular breaks, get fresh air and exercise, drink water and eat as well as you can. Make sure you have some variety in your day. Make space for creativity and device-free time
  4. Many of us need someone to help us to stay on track. Perhaps one of your family or whanau might check in with you to make sure you have a work plan, or maybe you and another student in your class could check in with each other. It is important to set up good work habits and set yourself up for managing screen time. 
  5. Think about a way you and your friends can catch up to continue supporting each other.
  6. Remember the school values: Be welcoming, kind, persevere and achieve something everyday, no matter how small!
  7. Stay connected: Think about a way you and your friends can catch up to continue supporting each other. 
  8. Be patient! Teachers may be working with many students each day so you may need to wait for a reply. 

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