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Principal's welcome

Ross Sinclair - Principal

Hutt Valley High School has been at the centre of the Hutt Valley since 1926. Established on what was once a market garden site and adjacent to the harbour area, the school enjoys living the values implied by sustenance and security, and honours the Te Ati Awa kawa embracing the area where we live. Our school values adopted after last year’s strategic plan exercise are “we are welcoming; we are kind; we persevere; we achieve”. These apparently simple statements reflect who we are. We are a diverse population - much like New Zealand itself - and we celebrate our differences, believing that we have nothing to fear from those who are different from us and a great deal to learn. 

Our school mantra is “Always look after the person alongside you whether you know them or not” and we believe that service to others is fundamental to a healthy and optimistic society. We believe in sharing the abundance of our lives and taking pleasure in our own successes and in those of others. The English language has no word for enjoying others’ successes and we have to borrow the Indian (Sanskrit) word “mudita”. It’s an important concept and is very much a core part of the motivation of our 180 teaching and support staff whose working lives are in support of our students’ growth as human beings. As a large school, we enjoy the ability to offer a broad range of experiences inside and outside the classroom.

Our curriculum offerings include courses we have developed as a part of our learning philosophy which centres on student choice and on shaping the school to fit the student, not squashing the student into a school-shaped box.That means our students are at the heart of our systems. That places a responsibility on them to work to achieve personal goals and to develop ways to deal with hardship and difficulty when they arise, so that perseverance is part of their approach to life. When coupled to clear goals and choices that are right for each individual, real achievement flows from a learning process that builds and continues through and beyond school.An education, we believe, is a great deal more than academic grades, as important as they are.

Our sporting programme is extensive, with over 1000 students in regular inter-school teams, ranging from the purely social player to our 24 New Zealand sporting representatives. The breadth of offering in clubs, societies and events is similarly large, and the school enjoys a particular strength in the performing arts. Whatever a student’s aptitudes, there will be an opportunity here to further existing interests and to develop new ones.We enjoy seeing our past students at the heart of our community going about the business of contributing to a modern New Zealand that is vibrant, exciting and rewarding to each of us as human beings.

We are a school that sees itself as a microcosm of our country, and one that celebrates the positive in humanity. That’s who we are; Hutt Valley High School.

Ross Sinclair, Principal