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Founded in 1926, Hutt Valley High School has been at the forefront of secondary education in Lower Hutt for approaching 90 years. We are proud to be the guardians of this spirit of achievement and our aim today is to develop it even further. We provide a quality state education that ensures that every one of our students has the best possible chance to develop their talent and to achieve success in a way that provides them with a purposeful and rewarding future life.

In its Strategic Plan for the current five year period 2011 to 2015, the school focused on heart, body and mind as three core elements of its activity. These elements summarise the aspiration to produce healthy, active, happy and engaged young people who participate in the vast array of activities offered in the school, and who enjoy tremendous success academically while serving others both in their school and wider society.

Outstanding former students of the school are to be found in all walks of life and in almost every professional, cultural and sporting field. Just as important to us is the continued success as human beings that our students achieve by means of contributing to the good citizenship that allows societies to flourish. To that end, our students plan and produce a variety of fund-raising and sponsorship activities, as well as a series of special events that are aimed at assisting others. The service ethos is very much to the forefront of this school’s vision of what good citizenship is about, and is embedded in our senior student roles in the form of Service Captains whose role is to mobilise our capacity to assist those around us.

Our school community reflects the richness and diversity of modernNew Zealandand in this large community there is ample opportunity for all students to find like minds and so develop the lasting friendships which contribute to student happiness and well-being.

We are a large school, with the advantage of a wide range of subjects, specialist classes with specialist teachers and a breadth of competition that encourages the development of excellence. The pursuit of academic excellence is celebrated in school assemblies and awards, and we are delighted to see the school’s continued success in local and national scholarships and awards. While a great deal of effort goes into that top end of the academic profile, we also have the capacity and structures to offer a wide range of support programmes for those who require additional help to reach their goals.

We take pride in the range of sporting and cultural opportunities offered to our students, with many nationally ranked successes – and wider international representation – confirming the school’s strength. The steady growth in student participation in team sports representing the school has been a feature of recent years, and continues in 2015.

We expect and demand high standards of endeavour and achievement, reinforcing this with thorough programmes of health education covering the skills of social responsibility, self-discipline and self-reliance that students need as they progress towards adult life. Our goal is to produce creative, well-qualified, confident and engaged students who understand the rights and responsibilities of good citizenship in a modern society.

The breadth of our programmes allows students to explore their academic, sporting, cultural and personal potential. If we can assist our students to turn that potential into reality, then we are succeeding in our vision for every student to “be the best that you can be”.

Ross Sinclair


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Download the HVHS Prospectus 2014
Download the HVHS Prospectus 2015